Friday, March 7, 2008

My Dog is not Spoiled, I am Just Well Trained!

Okay, many of us have heard it. Your dog is spoiled! However, if you were to ask my dog, she would probably tell you that she is NOT spoiled, but that I am just well trained.

Your dog is probably the most loyal friend you could possibly ask for. Who else will treat you as if you are royalty each time he sees you? The unconditional love and devotion you get from your dog is the best feeling in the world. So, why not “spoil” him a little? Ok, maybe some people do go overboard a little, but your dog truly deserves to be treated with respect and a lot of love. So, I say go for it! Spoil him rotten!

Here are some ideas on spoiling your dog – the right way! Is there such a thing? Yes!
Buy him a sweater or splurge for a pedicure. You can really have fun buying your dog “stuff”. It is amazing the styles of sweaters, coats, collars, bandanas, etc. available for your pooch. You can spend hundreds of dollars spoiling your dog or you can spend very little. Your dog will absolutely love you no matter how much you spend. In fact, a simple sweater or new dog bed along with a dog biscuit would do wonders for your dog’s self-esteem! Of course, don’t forget the snack. Their actual favorite part!

Go out and play! Spending time with your dog is actually the absolute best gift you can give. Buy him a new toy, venture out to the park in his dog stroller and new bandana or take him for a drive.

Just sit down with him and give him a massage. They absolutely love massages! And, they truly feel they are loved.

Make him a SPECIAL treat. Break away from the traditional dog food and dog snack. Your dog loves food. It is their purpose in life, other than just being there for you. Try making homemade treats and dog food that is packed with the vitamins and nutrients he needs? Find some recipes that are suitable for your dog’s digestive system. They cannot have chocolate. And there are certain fruits and vegetables that are toxic for your dog. Learn what these to keep him safe, but he will be in doggie heaven if you bake him a healthy dog food cake right from the kitchen! Happy baking!

Spoiling your dog also includes knowing what to do in case of emergencies. Learn the steps to help your choking dog or those cuts on his leg or what to do if he is bit by a raccoon. Your dog is just like your baby. He needs you to protect him, as he would protect you.

Buy him a brand new bed! This does not have to be expensive. His old bed may be fine, but sometimes they tend to get worn down. Have some fun with it. There are many different styles available for dogs of all sizes and shapes! You could buy a theme based bed, such as a baseball or princess bed, or you can buy a deluxe bed, or just a simple bed. The point is your dog will be very excited to get his new bed. You can use the old bed in a different room in the house. Have fun shopping for your dog bed.

Remember your dog IS your best friend. He will be there for you in times of happiness, sadness or fear. He will do anything for you. Show him how much you appreciate him. Spoil him Rotten!

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