Friday, February 29, 2008

Experiencing Cat-titude On The Road!

Everything is all planned out for your vacation. Reservations made, clothes packed and there is gas in the car. You have thought of everything! Everything, except how your cat would react in the car. Of course, normally your cat is a loving and a sweet little guy. But, you probably didn’t plan for that lion’s roar to come out of the mouth of your little angel! OK, maybe not angel, as cats have CAT-TITUDE! But, that is beside the point. It is amazing the noise that can come out of a cat’s mouth when he is frightened.

If you have never traveled with your cat before, you really need to be prepared to be able to make the drive as comfortable for you and your cat as possible.

You should first invest in a portable crate. Cats tend to feel secure when they are enclosed in a crate. You do not need to put food and water into the crate. Healthy cats are fine for hours without either. Before your trip, approximately one week, put a litter box and a treat in the crate. Then leave him alone so that he can get used to it. Never force him in. Cat’s are smart, and know something strange is up.

For most cats, medication is the way to go. Many people are concerned about medicating their cat. However, if you consider the alternatives of what your cat is going through, you may reconsider. Just the car ride itself is liable to “freak him out” ! Medication will help your cat relax and you will both be able to enjoy the ride a little better. It is the less stressful route to go for your baby!

It is very important to put an ID tag on your cat. If your cat will absolutely not wear a collar, you could have you vet shave an area on his belly, and use a Magic Marker to writer your name and number on the shaved area. This may seem crazy, but this could be what saves your cat’s life! A lost family pet on vacation is one of the worst things to happen on a trip.

Once you have finally gotten to your destination, it is very important to never let your cat roam. If he gets away, especially after being in that car, he may not come back.

Consider purchasing a cat stroller to take your cat with you places! Cat strollers come in all shapes and sizes and are very comfortable for your cat. They are snug enough for the feeling of security, and big enough to stand up and stretch in. This is another thing your cat needs to get adjusted to using. A cat stroller can be intimidating at first, but your cat will learn that the cat stroller is a way for him to go out of the house, and you can have the fun of taking him out safely!

Taking your cat for a walk in the park can be a lot of fun for you and your kids. Your kids will get a kick out of showing off their cat and pushing the cat in the cat stroller. You could also purchase a collar and leash, so that he can get out of the stroller and play for a little bit!

Don’t leave your cat in the hotel! Bring him along in a cat stroller so that he can experience the world, too! But, if he happens to see a bird or a BIG dog, he will still be safe inside his cat stroller and not running up a tree!

Frisky Felines Out for a Walk

Many people love to take their cats for walks! And many cats love to go for walks. There are some that prefer to just be left alone to view the outside world from the inside. However, most cats prefer to be outside.

The problem with just allowing your cat to roam is safety. Cats are predators by nature. Yes, they can be very sweet, but they have something in them that makes them want to chase after things. They can usually find their way back home; however, the safety issue is will they make it back? Will they make it across that street or through those woods at night?

As a cat lover, you want the best for your cat. But, you also want your cat to be safe and sound. It is very hard to watch a cat beg to go outside, especially if you are in a neighborhood or near a busy street and it simply is not safe.

There are ways of letting your frisky feline experience the outside world, without experiencing the dangers. You must be sure your cat is one of those cats that wants to be outside ad that will accept his limitations (such as a leash). If your cat cannot accept limitations, he will be miserable. However, if he is okay with a leash or a cat stroller, you can begin a new adventure with your curious cat!

The first thing you should purchase is a cat stroller. Here are some tips on how to match the right cat stroller for your cat.

Most cats prefer to be cozy, it makes them feel secure.

Look for a cat stroller that is for the weight of your cat.

Make sure that your cat will have enough room to stretch, but is not too big where you lose that cozy feeling.

Some strollers have two sections. One with an open netted area and the other it tented and hidden so your cat can get privacy when he wants it.

It should be enclosed. This will keep him safe when the playful or predator in him comes out when he sees that bird or bug!

Once you have found the perfect stroller for your cat, you should learn some safety precautions to keep your cat safe.

Never leave him unsupervised at any time.

Always remove your cat’s collar.

Always trim your cat’s nails to avoid entanglement in the netting and to avoid getting his claws stuck.

Don’t rely on your cat stroller to protect him from unwanted animals visiting, such as coyote, dogs or fox.

Now that you have your cat stroller and leash, you should work with your cat before venturing out. Your cat may not like a leash. You could try to work with him on a daily basis, but if you do not see improvement, you should not force it. This will only make him miserable, and the point of taking him for a walk is to make him happy not miserable! If your cat refuses a leash, all is not lost! The cat stroller will make him feel much more secure. So, get your walking shoes on and your cat stroller out, and venture out into the world with your baby!

Caring for your “15-year old Puppy” with Arthritis

You’ve heard of the saying, “you’ll always be my baby”, even though that baby is 40? Well the same goes for your puppy. Your puppy will “always be your puppy”, even when she is 15 years old. And, that is old for a puppy!

Unfortunately, that “15 -year old puppy” just is not as energetic anymore. And, it is very likely that your dog is suffering some type of old age health problem, as we all do when we get to a certain age! Arthritis can occur in dogs as early as age seven.

Arthritis is a very painful condition that affects the joints in your pet’s neck, hips, shoulders, elbows and back. There are some things that you can do to help your dog through this time, and hopefully help ease most of the pain.

Tips to help your dog with arthritis:

*Change your dog’s diet.
Be sure to provide high-quality dog food that contains no added preservatives, food coloring, wheat, corn or soy products. Try to choose a dog food that is low fat. Grains, which usually make up the majority of dog good could increase the inflammation and aggravate arthritis.
An alternative that is much better for your dog is to make your own dog food with cooked or raw meats and vegetables. The vegetables can be anything you have on hand. Celery is an excellent veggie for the joints! AVOID MUSHROOMS AND ONIONS, as these can be TOXIC to your dog. And, CUT ALL VEGETABLES into small pieces or use a food processor for easy digestion.

*Give your dog supplements.
Your dog needs specific supplements that will help to reduce swelling in the joints. You should give your dog a glucosamine tablet. This will help rebuild and maintain cartilage. Another supplement important to your dog’s arthritis is fish oil capsules. He will also need more vitamin E because of the oil.

*Provide a warm and cozy bed for your dog.
Your dog’s bones are achy and likely swollen. It is so important to provide a dog bed specifically for him. There are many dog beds available. Choose a dog bed that is appropriate for the size and weight of your dog. It should be a very soft bed with a lot of soft padding. Your dog will be so grateful just for a soft place to lay, especially on cold and damp days when their joints tend to act up with the weather.

*Reduce extra weight. Extra weight is very hard on dogs with arthritis. Take your dog out for several shorter walks every day. If the park is close by, you could put your dog in a dog stroller, available in many styles and sizes, and then go for a walk in the park. Or how about going swimming with your dog! That is actually a lot of fun! And the water feels great on his joints, and probably yours, too!

*Raise the dog food and water bowl.

*Use a towel soaked in warm water on to your dogs aching joints. Moist heat penetrates deep into his joints. Do not use a heating pad. It may burn him.

*Give him a massage. Massaging the joints brings some relief. However, if your spouse catches you massaging the dog, and not him/her – watch out!

Your dog is just like your baby. No matter how old she gets, she will always be your “baby”. You can still have that energetic dog back. Just follow the steps, especially supplying a dog bed, preferably two you can put in the two rooms she is in the most because they spend most of their lying around. And, you will be able play together, go for walks and even play fetch! Give these tips a try. And most importantly, have some fun with your “baby”.

Social Anxiety-Not Just For Humans!

Social anxiety, not something you would think would come up when talking about a dog or cat. But, it definitely happens.

My sister has a German Shepherd puppy. She already has a German Shepherd/lab mix that is 15 years old and the most laid back dog that ever lived!
She had taken this cute little puppy to the vet two times before and everything went fine. She was cute and cuddly and everyone just loved on her.

So, when she went to take her German Shepherd puppy to the vet that third time, she was shocked at the way she reacted. Her German Shepherd puppy was now almost sixty pounds. Much bigger than her older dog. And, she didn’t look like a sweet little puppy anymore. Well, actually she was just a big baby at home. You would never have suspected she would react like she did at the vet.

Her 60 pound puppy barked and growled and had to actually have a muzzle put on her. My sister left the vet that day in tears. Mainly because she was so afraid at the fact that she did not KNOW what her puppy would do. At home, her puppy is truly a big baby. She plays and holds her head down when she has done something wrong, and she even whines like a big baby. No kidding, I have heard it. She is very vocal.

Her puppy was suffering from social anxiety. The vet suggested that they take her to an obedience school. Well, they decided that they would try a few things first. They decided that they needed to get her out and around people more. After all, she was a country dog, not used to city life. They took her on walks in the park, had her meet the neighbors, took her for car rides and had people come over to their house.

I have to say I was very intimidated by their big puppy, but I finally learned that she was just finding her bark and that if I said her name, she would calm down and everything was fine.
Dogs handle social anxiety in many different ways. For example, my puggle, Peanut, was not as vocal as my sister’s dog. Peanut actually was scared to death of people. She would literally shake in her skin. I hated to see her go through this. Every time someone would come in to the house, or we would go to the vet, she was just so scared. The saddest part of the whole thing was that she desperately wanted the attention, but she was just too scared.

So, we followed the ideas my sister did with her dog, and started to take her out more. We live down the street from a park, so we decided to make it a family affair. We purchased a pet stroller, bought a new collar and leash and some new “special” treats, just for our walk times and prepared a schedule for our new ventures out.

We weren’t sure how she would react to the pet stroller, but she absolutely loved it! The kids were so excited to be able to push her, and we took her out at the park, so she would finally get used to being around others.

She finally has warmed up to people, and we also started having people come over more, so she could see that they were not there to harm her. I am so happy to see her happy when people come over. And, the pet stroller was a success. She gets so excited when I get it out, because she knows it is time for one of her adventures.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Traveling with your Dog

Do you travel with your dog? Whether you go on week long vacations with your dog or just take your dog on weekend trips, there are a few things that you should remember.

The first thing you want to do is take your dog to the vet for a checkup. Be sure that your dog is current on all his/her vaccinations and remember to take a copy of his health records with you.

Then you want to pack a doggie bag for your dog. This bag should include, food, toys, a dish for water and food, and if your dog has a dog bed or a favorite blanket or dog pillow that they sleep on, that should also be brought along. There are several different styles of dog beds that should make choosing one to accommodate your pets travel needs easy. You want to bring things that are familiar to the dog so he/she will feel comfortable wherever you may be traveling. If your dog happens to be on medication, make sure that is included in the things that you bring for him/her.

The next thing you might want to consider is getting a pet stroller. These would be particularly helpful if you are planning on walking a lot on your vacation or getaway weekend. If you have a puppy that maybe isn’t up for long walks or an older dog that has hip problems or arthritis, a cheap pet stroller would make your trip a much more enjoyable experience for both you and your canine companion. A pet stroller might also allow you to take your dog into some places that maybe you wouldn’t have been able to without it.

A crate is also a must have when traveling with your pet. If you are traveling in an airplane, a crate is required, but a crate will also keep your dog safe in the car and in a hotel room if you are staying in one. There are several different types of travel crates to choose from. Pick the one that is easiest for you to handle and store.

Your dog will need to have a sturdy collar and leash and have identification attached to his collar. The identification tag should have the dogs name, your name and a telephone number on it and also a tag that proves the dog has had their rabies shots.

If you are staying in a hotel you need to make sure that it is a hotel that welcomes pets. Once you get to your destination, never leave your dog alone in the hotel room. Some dogs bark or get destructive if they are left alone in a strange place. Another important factor in staying in a hotel with your pet is to ask where a good walking area is and always make sure you clean up after your dog. And please remember to bring a dog bed with you!

Traveling with your pet is a bit more work but the hours of enjoyment are well worth it. Be safe with your pet, be happy with your pet and most of all, enjoy your vacation together!

Your Dog is Invited – Slumber Party!

Have you ever thought of having some friends over with their dogs and having a slumber party? This could be lots of fun if you are a dog lover. To ensure a good time and not a destructive time, here are a few things that may help you have a great slumber party with your friends and their dogs.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you choose people that have dogs that your dog has been socialized with and gets along with. This will eliminate having two dogs fighting during the course of the party.

The next thing you want to do is make sure that everybody brings a sleeping bag or air mattress for them self and then they bring a bed for their dog if they have one. There are numerous styles of dog beds so you need to make sure you have an area that is big enough to accommodate several dog beds. The most convenient, and easiest to transport would probably be if your dog has a blanket that they sleep on or if they had a doggie pillow that they sleep on. Bringing your dog’s bed will be a great way to ensure that he/she has a restful night away from home.

After your guests arrive, playing outside for awhile would be a good way to drain some energy out of the dogs or maybe taking a walk to a nearby park or just a stroll thru the neighborhood. When you and your guests get back to the house you want to make sure that there are several water dishes out for the dogs so they can get a drink. If you have a big enough backyard, set up an agility course for the dogs. This can be fun and your dog can learn a new trick or two.

Another fun thing to do with your dogs is to give them mini makeovers. You can spend the time brushing your dog or putting bows in its hair/ears or you could have a fashion show. You can have every guest bring an outfit or two that they may have for their dogs and once you have the dogs dressed up, take some pictures to remember the night.

Once you have done all the activities that you have planned, sitting down and just cuddling with your canine companion and visiting with your human companions is a great way to end the night. The very last thing that needs to happen before everybody settles in for the night is that all the dogs need to go outside one last time and then make sure that everybody has everything they may need during the night.

Having a slumber party with your dog should be a fun and relaxing event. This is a time to enjoy your friends and for your dog to enjoy his/her friends, so relax, have fun and enjoy the time that you spend with your dog and friends.

Pet Playgroups for Lonely Pets

Have you ever thought of having a playgroup for your dog? I know as parent of human children, we are always looking for friends they can hang out with and other parent’s that we may socialize with. Doing this with your dog is kind of the same thing.

Organizing a playgroup for your dog should be fun. You want to keep in mind that you will be getting together with other dogs so the areas that you choose to have your play groups in should accommodate several dogs. Some places you might consider would be a dog park, the beach, a park, an agility course or even someone’s back yard if it is large enough. If you choose to go to a dog park, beware of other dogs that may not be socialized properly or dogs that are three times the size of yours. Some bigger dogs become aggressive towards smaller dogs, so keeping your dog on a leash is a good idea at a dog park. This way, you can control them and keep them safe. Off leash playgroups are better in someone’s backyard where only the dogs that have been invited to play are there.

Picking dogs to join your playgroup is important. You want to pick dogs that your dog has been socialized with and have been around. This way there is no fighting. You also want to pick dogs that have the same temperament as your own and are close in size.

For puppies or older dogs that aren’t as active as the other dogs, bringing them to a playgroup in a pet stroller is a good idea. This way, they can play for a short amount of time and then get tucked away safely so they don’t get hurt, but they can still enjoy in the experience. Having a pet stroller is good for after the playgroup too when your dog is tired and you may have to walk home. You can put your canine companion in the pet stroller and away you go without worrying about having to possibly carry your dog home because they are tired.

When you have your pet’s playgroup, always make sure that there is water of some sort that is accessible to the dogs and always make sure you clean up after your dog. If you leave a mess for someone else to clean up, your dog not to be invited back again to play.

Pet playgroups are a great way for your dog to work on his/her socialization skills and it is a good opportunity to share some advice about dealing with certain behavioral issues that you might be having with your dog or just the chance to share the love of animals with people.

Pet playgroups should be fun and lively. You will get a chance to visit with the human parent’s and your dog gets a chance to play with his/her friends, burn off some energy and have fun in the process. Enjoy your animals and the companionship!!

Doggie Daycare

Have you ever heard of doggie daycare? It is just like daycare for your kids but instead it is for your dog. There are several benefits of doggie daycare. If you have a young puppy, doggie daycare gives your puppy an opportunity to work on his/her socialization skills, which is very important if you want to have a happy, healthy and well balanced dog. Potty training is also worked on in doggie daycare and we all know that when you get a new puppy that is one of the first things that we want taken care of.

Doggie daycare is also great for hyper dogs. It gives them the time to run and play with other dogs during the hours that maybe they would have been in a kennel. Obviously if your dog is in a kennel all day while you are at work, they are going to have lots of pent up energy when you get home and they are going to want to run and jump instead of being calm for you.

Doggie daycares provide access to both indoor and outdoor areas for your dog. Some doggie daycares have pools that the dogs can play in. They have running areas, and toys for your dog to play with.

To ensure that your dog is comfortable throughout the day, bringing a few things from home is a good idea. You can bring a favorite toy that he/she can play with or his/her blanket or bed. Doing this gives them something familiar in a place that they may not be familiar with yet. There are several different types of doggie beds so finding one that is easily transportable should not be a problem. You might even consider a 2nd dog bed that you could just leave at the daycare if your dog is going to be going everyday. This way, he/she would have his own spot at doggie daycare.

If you happen to walk to work, a pet stroller is a great way to get your dog to doggie daycare, especially if you have an older dog that just isn’t up for the walk but you don’t want to leave him/her at home all day while you are gone.

Doggie daycare is a terrific way for your dog to spend the day if you have to be gone. Your dog will get to interact with people and other dogs and dogs do form attachments to other dogs so who knows, maybe you will be able to find “Fido” a girlfriend! Doggie daycare gives your canine companion the opportunity not to be home by themselves all day where they can become lonely and destructive. Think about what is going to be best for your animal. Given the choice would you want to be surrounded by people and animals or be by yourself all day? I think most of us would choose not to spend our days by ourselves so give your dog the same kind of consideration and check out your local doggie daycares!

A Walk in The Park

Can you picture a nice stroll thru your favorite park on a Saturday afternoon with your best canine companion? The sky is very blue, the sun is warm and there is a wonderful breeze. Now can you picture having to pull your dog along half way thru the walk or even having to pick them up and carry them? Not so easy if your dog weighs 80 lbs. Or imagine being pulled by your dog. Some dogs have not been trained to walk on a leash correctly. Being pulled across the park certainly is not an enjoyable way to walk with your dog. Both you and your dog could be injured if all the dog is doing is pulling you along.

A solution to those problems would be a pet stroller. They come in different sizes, shapes, textures and colors. A pet stroller is simply a stroller with a compartment that your dog or cat can ride in. Pet strollers are great for young dogs that may get tired after a walk and you haven’t made it back home yet or for older dogs that have hip problems or arthritis. A pet stroller is a way the animals can still be outside and get some fresh air even if they aren’t able to make it through taking a long walk.

A cheap pet stroller is also a safe way to take your dog on a walk. They are safe and secure in their stroller so no other dog can attack them or bother them. If you take your dog to a dog park, a pet stroller would be a great way to get them back home after they are tired and wore out from playing.

A pet stroller is also a great place for your dog to sit while you are visiting at the park or maybe if you have to do errands before or after the park visit. Your pet may be allowed into some places he/she wouldn’t normally be allowed if they are in a pet stroller.

Walking thru the park with your dog becomes very easy when you use a pet stroller. You set the pace of the walk. There is no stopping to sniff everything and there is no stopping to go to the bathroom everywhere. You should probably allow your dog some time out of the pet stroller so they can play and go to the bathroom, but for the most part, pet strollers make walks with your dog much simpler. You may be a person that has health issues but would still love to take your dog for a walk but you can’t be pulled around by your dog. A cheap pet stroller solves that problem. Put “Fido” in the stroller and away you go.

Enjoying walks with your dog can benefit both of you. The fresh air does both of you good. The change of scenery is nice and most of all you are spending quality time with your companion.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Benefits of a Dog Bed and How to Choose the Right One for your Dog

Did you know that if your dog sleeps on a hard floor, they could end up with arthritis or calluses as their life - time goes on? Here are a few simple questions that you need to ask yourself before purchasing a dog bed.

What size is your dog? Dog bed comes in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. You would not want to get a toy poodle a large bed.
Does your dog like to curl up in a ball? If so, he/she may like a round bed that has sides.
Does your dog shed a lot or slobber a lot? If so, you may want to get a bed that the cover comes off easily so it can be thrown in the washing machine.
Does your dog like to hang its head over the edge of things when it is resting? If so, you may want to consider a bed that has legs and is up off the ground a little.
Is your dog older, or does your dog have hip pain issues or other arthritis related issues? If so, you may want to choose an orthopedic bed or memory foam bed.

Picking a space for your dog bed is just as important as choosing the right bed. You don’t want the dog bed to be in an area where people will have to step over it all of the time or a place where your dog won’t be able to rest because there is too much traffic. You want to make sure it is out of the way of everyday living but close enough so your dog still feels apart of the activities or lounge time with the family.

When you choose a good dog bed for your canine companion, you will end up with a dog that is happier, healthier and hopefully without a lot of health issues due to sleeping on a hard surface like the floor.

Any dog bed you choose you want to make sure that it is washable. Whether you throw the whole bed in or you get one that just the cover comes off. Dogs tend to bring a lot of “stuff” in from outside and let me tell you, most of it isn’t pleasant, so being able to wash your dog’s bedding once a week is a must. Keep in mind that some dogs have skin irritants so that is something to consider also when buying a dog bed that has fabric of any kind on it.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a dog bed is what is going to make your dog the most comfortable. People who have dogs love their dogs and choosing a good dog bed is just one more step in showing your dog that he/she is important to you and is a member of your family.

Why not pamper your pet with a pet stroller?

Can you picture a woman, with an arm full of grocery, chasing her dog down the street because he just got off his leash? If this woman had a pet stroller, her pet would still be safe by her side.

Pet Strollers are a great way to be able to take your pet wherever you go. This in my opinion makes for a happier pet. Nobodies pet likes to be left behind when their owner goes somewhere.

Pet strollers are also great if you have an older pet that doesn’t get around very well anymore, or if you have a younger dog that you just need to keep contained or a puppy that may get tired on long walks. Pet strollers are also good if you have a pet that you normally don’t let outside. For example if you have a cat that is declawed that never goes outside. A pet stroller is a good way for your cat to experience the outside world while being protected.

There are several categories of pet strollers. They go by weight of the animal, by features that include, jogging, 2 pet, collapsible, or by brand. There are also certain strollers for dogs and different ones for cats. Animal pet strollers are kind of like picking out a stroller for your new baby. There are Cadillac models, and then there are everyday, nothing fancy models. Pet strollers are an easy way to be able to take your animal to the park, on a picnic or into a store.

Pet strollers are definitely made to pamper your pet. They are as well made and decorative as a baby stroller which lets face it, some baby strollers have more gadgets on them than your car. They come in a variety of colors and they have several features. Some have a mesh front that zips while others are more open in the front. Another feature of some pet strollers is that there are storage trays for the owner’s keys, cell phone or a drink, and there is a basket underneath so you can take your pet’s toys or treats.

There is a three in one pet stroller, which is great for the person that really wants to spoil their pet. This pet stroller is a pet stroller, a pet carrier and a car seat for your pet. When I had a dog, I never put it in a car seat, but maybe some people think that is better. My dog always preferred the floor of the car.

Another benefit of a pet stroller is if you have more than one animal that you are trying to transport at the same time. There are double decker pet strollers that give each animal its own compartment.

Pet strollers are gaining more and more popularity. It is a simple way to be able to take your pet with you, no matter what kind of pet you have or where you may have to go.
Happy pet strolling and remember a pampered pet, is a happy pet!

How will your dog sleep tonight?

Dog beds, what can I say, there are some dogs that sleep better than humans do! There is a huge variety of dog beds that you can pick for your pet. There are memory foam beds, heated beds and cooling beds, outdoor beds, luxury beds, designer beds and beds that can go in a kennel. There are also beds that look like miniature little houses, because they have roofs on them. The selection is endless.

One of the cutest beds I think I have seen has been a bed that matched its owners, except for on a smaller scale of course. There are tons of cute beds though. There are flower shaped beds, dog bone shaped beds, ladybug shaped beds, beds that look like couches and there are also beds that look like little cots. You can really find a dog bed that suites your dogs personality. If your dog happens to be a more serious dog, then they have very plain, but elegant dog beds. If you have a dog that is free spirited, and you know what some of you are thinking, “Boy do I ever”, then you can get a cute, fun bed that fits their personality.

Dog beds should be big or small enough for your dog to fit comfortably on when they are laying down. I know a St. Bernard that has to have the biggest dog bed I have ever seen in my life. It takes up a whole entire corner, and it looks like a real bed with a headboard and footboard. The dog looks really cute in it, and he is one pampered pooch. I have also seen some people that get a dog bed that matches their living room furniture, so it can end up looking like a smaller version of their couch. This way it can sit in their living room and match the room. There are companies that can make a bed to match whatever your particular tastes are.

I guess a good way to look at dog beds is by thinking if you get a nice, comfortable dog bed that your dog absolutely loves, maybe he/she won’t end up in your bed. Talking from experience, having a 95 pound dog sleeping with you can be interesting sometimes!

Prices of dog beds range anywhere from $15 for a big pillow bed on the floor all the way up to $150 or higher for a designer dog bed.

Shopping for a bed for your dog can be a fun experience. Most pet stores allow you to bring your dog in with you. That may be a good test to see which kind of bed your pooch is going to like. I was at the pet store the other day, and there was a lady trying to pick out dog beds, and she had one picked out and her dog wanted absolutely nothing to do with that particular bed. But then, she put another one on the floor for him and he curled right up on it and seemed to be happy. Dog can be as picky as people, so let your dog help you pick out his/her bed and have fun while you are shopping!

How to Throw a Dog Halloween Party

Have you ever considered putting to use that dog costume that you have in the drawer? Why not throw a Dog Halloween party? Here are a few tips on how to have a great dog party for Halloween.

The first thing you want to decide when throwing a dog Halloween party is where will it be? A dog party will need to be in an area that is big enough to accommodate a number of dogs. Someone’s apartment would definitely not be a good place for a dog party. A big backyard or a park would be two good places to have your party.

The second thing you want to send out invitations. These should be sent to the animal, not the human. Of course we all know that the “human” will be the one to read it, but it is fun to get into the spirit of the party and make the invitation for who the party is actually for. On the invitation, make sure you put all the information you would put on a “human” party invitation and make sure you add that costumes are required. This way, no one shows up without one. Also a very important thing to put on the invitations is that all dog guests must be accompanied by their owners. This way, you don’t get a houseful of dogs and no one to help coral them.

The next thing you want to do is make sure that you send invitations to dogs that your dog has been around. Maybe you could invite a neighbor’s dog or dogs that you have seen and interacted with at the dog park. This is important so that the night of your party, there are no fights among dogs.

Another thing you might consider doing is hiring a dog training to come to your canine party. This way, the dogs will be “entertained” and they can learn some new tricks at the same time. Also having an agility course set up would provide an activity that the owners and their dogs can do. You will be amazed at the dogs that you think wouldn’t be any good at agility stuff and they actually turn out to be pretty great at it!

Having snacks or treats for your canine guest is important. Pet stores have a variety of treats and snacks to choose from or if you are feeling particular festive, you can always make doggie treats. A good one is liver cupcakes. Those don’t sound very good to me but your canine guest will love them. Also remember to have plenty of bowls with fresh water in it.

Another very important thing to have is plastic bags to help with the pooper scooping. You really don’t want to have a yard full of poo to clean up after your party.

Last but not least, have fun, socialize with friends, human and canine and just enjoy the time that you are spending making new friends and sharing time with your dog and his/her friends. Remember, part of the fun is dressing your dog up for the occasion!

Dressing up your dog for the holidays!

Picture a sweet girl in a beautiful wedding dress, with a ruffled skirt. Then picture a handsome boy in a black and white tux with a red bow tie. Can you picture it? Now imagine that this boy and girl have four legs and slobber. Dog costumes, what people will think of!

Pampering your pooch is a very fun thing to do. Your dog gives you so much enjoyment and unconditional love that having an option to buy them fun things like hats, bandanas or costumes can be as much fun as shopping for one of your kids. The only difference is, the dog will pretty much wear what you put on it and your child may not!

The world of dog clothes is very versatile. Dogs now have sweaters, tuxes, dresses, Halloween costumes, coats, jackets, casual wear, rain gear, scarves, hats, jumpsuits and pants. The possibilities are endless when it comes to keeping your dog in style and fashion.

Some people love to dress their pets up for the holidays. Halloween is a particular popular time to dress up your dog. Some people like to have their dogs go trick or treating with them, and they want them to join in the family picture and I admit, those pictures are usually cute. I think one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen was of a family that all had Harley Davidson attire on, and they had a huge Bull Dog dressed in a leather Harley Davidson jacket. The jacket fit the dog’s personality, and it made for a great picture.

Dog costumes are great conversation pieces also. Any dog wearing a costume usually gets commented about. I have seen dogs wearing lady bug costumes, biker jackets, princess costumes, wedding dresses and tuxedos. The variety is amazing. I think that any costume that you could find for a child or an adult, you could find for your dog.

Dog costumes, clothes and accessories range in price from $5 for a hat for your dog all the way up to $30 for a fancy dress. There are several occasions that you may want to dress your pooch up fancy. If you are having a dinner party, or a costume party or even a birthday party, there are outfits for each occasion. Your dog can be the best-dressed girl or boy on the block!

Whatever the occasion, whether it be Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day or just because, have fun with your dog, give it some love and let it be the best dressed and pampered pooch on the block!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

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