Friday, February 15, 2008

The Benefits of a Dog Bed and How to Choose the Right One for your Dog

Did you know that if your dog sleeps on a hard floor, they could end up with arthritis or calluses as their life - time goes on? Here are a few simple questions that you need to ask yourself before purchasing a dog bed.

What size is your dog? Dog bed comes in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. You would not want to get a toy poodle a large bed.
Does your dog like to curl up in a ball? If so, he/she may like a round bed that has sides.
Does your dog shed a lot or slobber a lot? If so, you may want to get a bed that the cover comes off easily so it can be thrown in the washing machine.
Does your dog like to hang its head over the edge of things when it is resting? If so, you may want to consider a bed that has legs and is up off the ground a little.
Is your dog older, or does your dog have hip pain issues or other arthritis related issues? If so, you may want to choose an orthopedic bed or memory foam bed.

Picking a space for your dog bed is just as important as choosing the right bed. You don’t want the dog bed to be in an area where people will have to step over it all of the time or a place where your dog won’t be able to rest because there is too much traffic. You want to make sure it is out of the way of everyday living but close enough so your dog still feels apart of the activities or lounge time with the family.

When you choose a good dog bed for your canine companion, you will end up with a dog that is happier, healthier and hopefully without a lot of health issues due to sleeping on a hard surface like the floor.

Any dog bed you choose you want to make sure that it is washable. Whether you throw the whole bed in or you get one that just the cover comes off. Dogs tend to bring a lot of “stuff” in from outside and let me tell you, most of it isn’t pleasant, so being able to wash your dog’s bedding once a week is a must. Keep in mind that some dogs have skin irritants so that is something to consider also when buying a dog bed that has fabric of any kind on it.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a dog bed is what is going to make your dog the most comfortable. People who have dogs love their dogs and choosing a good dog bed is just one more step in showing your dog that he/she is important to you and is a member of your family.

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