Friday, February 15, 2008

How will your dog sleep tonight?

Dog beds, what can I say, there are some dogs that sleep better than humans do! There is a huge variety of dog beds that you can pick for your pet. There are memory foam beds, heated beds and cooling beds, outdoor beds, luxury beds, designer beds and beds that can go in a kennel. There are also beds that look like miniature little houses, because they have roofs on them. The selection is endless.

One of the cutest beds I think I have seen has been a bed that matched its owners, except for on a smaller scale of course. There are tons of cute beds though. There are flower shaped beds, dog bone shaped beds, ladybug shaped beds, beds that look like couches and there are also beds that look like little cots. You can really find a dog bed that suites your dogs personality. If your dog happens to be a more serious dog, then they have very plain, but elegant dog beds. If you have a dog that is free spirited, and you know what some of you are thinking, “Boy do I ever”, then you can get a cute, fun bed that fits their personality.

Dog beds should be big or small enough for your dog to fit comfortably on when they are laying down. I know a St. Bernard that has to have the biggest dog bed I have ever seen in my life. It takes up a whole entire corner, and it looks like a real bed with a headboard and footboard. The dog looks really cute in it, and he is one pampered pooch. I have also seen some people that get a dog bed that matches their living room furniture, so it can end up looking like a smaller version of their couch. This way it can sit in their living room and match the room. There are companies that can make a bed to match whatever your particular tastes are.

I guess a good way to look at dog beds is by thinking if you get a nice, comfortable dog bed that your dog absolutely loves, maybe he/she won’t end up in your bed. Talking from experience, having a 95 pound dog sleeping with you can be interesting sometimes!

Prices of dog beds range anywhere from $15 for a big pillow bed on the floor all the way up to $150 or higher for a designer dog bed.

Shopping for a bed for your dog can be a fun experience. Most pet stores allow you to bring your dog in with you. That may be a good test to see which kind of bed your pooch is going to like. I was at the pet store the other day, and there was a lady trying to pick out dog beds, and she had one picked out and her dog wanted absolutely nothing to do with that particular bed. But then, she put another one on the floor for him and he curled right up on it and seemed to be happy. Dog can be as picky as people, so let your dog help you pick out his/her bed and have fun while you are shopping!

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