Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pet Playgroups for Lonely Pets

Have you ever thought of having a playgroup for your dog? I know as parent of human children, we are always looking for friends they can hang out with and other parent’s that we may socialize with. Doing this with your dog is kind of the same thing.

Organizing a playgroup for your dog should be fun. You want to keep in mind that you will be getting together with other dogs so the areas that you choose to have your play groups in should accommodate several dogs. Some places you might consider would be a dog park, the beach, a park, an agility course or even someone’s back yard if it is large enough. If you choose to go to a dog park, beware of other dogs that may not be socialized properly or dogs that are three times the size of yours. Some bigger dogs become aggressive towards smaller dogs, so keeping your dog on a leash is a good idea at a dog park. This way, you can control them and keep them safe. Off leash playgroups are better in someone’s backyard where only the dogs that have been invited to play are there.

Picking dogs to join your playgroup is important. You want to pick dogs that your dog has been socialized with and have been around. This way there is no fighting. You also want to pick dogs that have the same temperament as your own and are close in size.

For puppies or older dogs that aren’t as active as the other dogs, bringing them to a playgroup in a pet stroller is a good idea. This way, they can play for a short amount of time and then get tucked away safely so they don’t get hurt, but they can still enjoy in the experience. Having a pet stroller is good for after the playgroup too when your dog is tired and you may have to walk home. You can put your canine companion in the pet stroller and away you go without worrying about having to possibly carry your dog home because they are tired.

When you have your pet’s playgroup, always make sure that there is water of some sort that is accessible to the dogs and always make sure you clean up after your dog. If you leave a mess for someone else to clean up, your dog not to be invited back again to play.

Pet playgroups are a great way for your dog to work on his/her socialization skills and it is a good opportunity to share some advice about dealing with certain behavioral issues that you might be having with your dog or just the chance to share the love of animals with people.

Pet playgroups should be fun and lively. You will get a chance to visit with the human parent’s and your dog gets a chance to play with his/her friends, burn off some energy and have fun in the process. Enjoy your animals and the companionship!!

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