Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Walk in The Park

Can you picture a nice stroll thru your favorite park on a Saturday afternoon with your best canine companion? The sky is very blue, the sun is warm and there is a wonderful breeze. Now can you picture having to pull your dog along half way thru the walk or even having to pick them up and carry them? Not so easy if your dog weighs 80 lbs. Or imagine being pulled by your dog. Some dogs have not been trained to walk on a leash correctly. Being pulled across the park certainly is not an enjoyable way to walk with your dog. Both you and your dog could be injured if all the dog is doing is pulling you along.

A solution to those problems would be a pet stroller. They come in different sizes, shapes, textures and colors. A pet stroller is simply a stroller with a compartment that your dog or cat can ride in. Pet strollers are great for young dogs that may get tired after a walk and you haven’t made it back home yet or for older dogs that have hip problems or arthritis. A pet stroller is a way the animals can still be outside and get some fresh air even if they aren’t able to make it through taking a long walk.

A cheap pet stroller is also a safe way to take your dog on a walk. They are safe and secure in their stroller so no other dog can attack them or bother them. If you take your dog to a dog park, a pet stroller would be a great way to get them back home after they are tired and wore out from playing.

A pet stroller is also a great place for your dog to sit while you are visiting at the park or maybe if you have to do errands before or after the park visit. Your pet may be allowed into some places he/she wouldn’t normally be allowed if they are in a pet stroller.

Walking thru the park with your dog becomes very easy when you use a pet stroller. You set the pace of the walk. There is no stopping to sniff everything and there is no stopping to go to the bathroom everywhere. You should probably allow your dog some time out of the pet stroller so they can play and go to the bathroom, but for the most part, pet strollers make walks with your dog much simpler. You may be a person that has health issues but would still love to take your dog for a walk but you can’t be pulled around by your dog. A cheap pet stroller solves that problem. Put “Fido” in the stroller and away you go.

Enjoying walks with your dog can benefit both of you. The fresh air does both of you good. The change of scenery is nice and most of all you are spending quality time with your companion.

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