Friday, February 29, 2008

Experiencing Cat-titude On The Road!

Everything is all planned out for your vacation. Reservations made, clothes packed and there is gas in the car. You have thought of everything! Everything, except how your cat would react in the car. Of course, normally your cat is a loving and a sweet little guy. But, you probably didn’t plan for that lion’s roar to come out of the mouth of your little angel! OK, maybe not angel, as cats have CAT-TITUDE! But, that is beside the point. It is amazing the noise that can come out of a cat’s mouth when he is frightened.

If you have never traveled with your cat before, you really need to be prepared to be able to make the drive as comfortable for you and your cat as possible.

You should first invest in a portable crate. Cats tend to feel secure when they are enclosed in a crate. You do not need to put food and water into the crate. Healthy cats are fine for hours without either. Before your trip, approximately one week, put a litter box and a treat in the crate. Then leave him alone so that he can get used to it. Never force him in. Cat’s are smart, and know something strange is up.

For most cats, medication is the way to go. Many people are concerned about medicating their cat. However, if you consider the alternatives of what your cat is going through, you may reconsider. Just the car ride itself is liable to “freak him out” ! Medication will help your cat relax and you will both be able to enjoy the ride a little better. It is the less stressful route to go for your baby!

It is very important to put an ID tag on your cat. If your cat will absolutely not wear a collar, you could have you vet shave an area on his belly, and use a Magic Marker to writer your name and number on the shaved area. This may seem crazy, but this could be what saves your cat’s life! A lost family pet on vacation is one of the worst things to happen on a trip.

Once you have finally gotten to your destination, it is very important to never let your cat roam. If he gets away, especially after being in that car, he may not come back.

Consider purchasing a cat stroller to take your cat with you places! Cat strollers come in all shapes and sizes and are very comfortable for your cat. They are snug enough for the feeling of security, and big enough to stand up and stretch in. This is another thing your cat needs to get adjusted to using. A cat stroller can be intimidating at first, but your cat will learn that the cat stroller is a way for him to go out of the house, and you can have the fun of taking him out safely!

Taking your cat for a walk in the park can be a lot of fun for you and your kids. Your kids will get a kick out of showing off their cat and pushing the cat in the cat stroller. You could also purchase a collar and leash, so that he can get out of the stroller and play for a little bit!

Don’t leave your cat in the hotel! Bring him along in a cat stroller so that he can experience the world, too! But, if he happens to see a bird or a BIG dog, he will still be safe inside his cat stroller and not running up a tree!

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