Friday, February 29, 2008

Frisky Felines Out for a Walk

Many people love to take their cats for walks! And many cats love to go for walks. There are some that prefer to just be left alone to view the outside world from the inside. However, most cats prefer to be outside.

The problem with just allowing your cat to roam is safety. Cats are predators by nature. Yes, they can be very sweet, but they have something in them that makes them want to chase after things. They can usually find their way back home; however, the safety issue is will they make it back? Will they make it across that street or through those woods at night?

As a cat lover, you want the best for your cat. But, you also want your cat to be safe and sound. It is very hard to watch a cat beg to go outside, especially if you are in a neighborhood or near a busy street and it simply is not safe.

There are ways of letting your frisky feline experience the outside world, without experiencing the dangers. You must be sure your cat is one of those cats that wants to be outside ad that will accept his limitations (such as a leash). If your cat cannot accept limitations, he will be miserable. However, if he is okay with a leash or a cat stroller, you can begin a new adventure with your curious cat!

The first thing you should purchase is a cat stroller. Here are some tips on how to match the right cat stroller for your cat.

Most cats prefer to be cozy, it makes them feel secure.

Look for a cat stroller that is for the weight of your cat.

Make sure that your cat will have enough room to stretch, but is not too big where you lose that cozy feeling.

Some strollers have two sections. One with an open netted area and the other it tented and hidden so your cat can get privacy when he wants it.

It should be enclosed. This will keep him safe when the playful or predator in him comes out when he sees that bird or bug!

Once you have found the perfect stroller for your cat, you should learn some safety precautions to keep your cat safe.

Never leave him unsupervised at any time.

Always remove your cat’s collar.

Always trim your cat’s nails to avoid entanglement in the netting and to avoid getting his claws stuck.

Don’t rely on your cat stroller to protect him from unwanted animals visiting, such as coyote, dogs or fox.

Now that you have your cat stroller and leash, you should work with your cat before venturing out. Your cat may not like a leash. You could try to work with him on a daily basis, but if you do not see improvement, you should not force it. This will only make him miserable, and the point of taking him for a walk is to make him happy not miserable! If your cat refuses a leash, all is not lost! The cat stroller will make him feel much more secure. So, get your walking shoes on and your cat stroller out, and venture out into the world with your baby!

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