Friday, March 28, 2008

Pamper your “Best Friend” with a Dog Bed Fit for a King - or Queen

A dog’s bed is its sanctuary. It is a place where he can go that is for rest, relaxation and to sometimes get away from the craziness of his little world, especially if that “little world” happens to include kids.

It is important to be sure to find a dog bed that is comfortable enough to curl up on and large enough to really stretch out. Some dogs curl up, some dogs stretch their entire bodies out, and some do both!

Questions to ask yourself before purchasing your dog’s dream bed!

There are so many amazing choices for dog beds! These questions will hopefully lead you in the right direction.
How old is our dog?
How big or small is your dog?
Where will you put the dog bed?
Will the bed be placed in a crate or dog house?
Will your dog be outside a lot?
Do you need a heated bed or a cooling bed?
Do you want a luxury or designer bed?
Does your dog need extra padding due to arthritis?

There is an amazing selection of luxury beds available. These selections range from couches to loungers to wrought iron and wooden beds. These beds can be full sized beds or small miniatures of these styles. It is simply unbelievable what you can get for your little king or queen!

If your dog is an outside and inside dog, you may consider having two dog beds. If your dog is outside only, you should consider purchasing a heated dog bed in the winter and a cooing bed for the heated summer days. Your dog gets cold and hot, too. Don’t make him suffer more than he has to in those cold or hot days!

If your dog has arthritis, orthopedic beds are designed to help with skeletal alignment. These beds do tend to cost a little more because of the technology involved in making them.

If you will be traveling, there are actually traveling dog beds available, too!

Dogs have a favorite blankie, too!

Even if you have not purchased a dog bed for your pooch, it would be wise and considerate to at least give your dog a blanket. Although blankets should not really take the place of a dog bed, they can be beneficial in helping to keep hair off of things like the couch or in your car. Blankets are easy to wash and will help with completing the dog bed!

Your dog will likely attach to his blanket as a child does to his blankie. It will give him a sense of security and ownership. Put his blankie with him in bed at night or bring it out during the day where he likes to lie down around the house. You can even get your little guy a pillow for his head. He would have a bed, blankie and pillow! Now, this would be a bed fit for a king – or queen!

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