Friday, March 14, 2008

A Cat’s Purr and Cat Clothing Go Paw –n- Paw!

Have you ever thought about a cat’s purr? Like maybe what makes him purr, and how does that purr come from inside? A cat’s purr truly brings a peace and serenity for cat owners. When your cat is lying on your lap in her cat pajamas, purring, she is content and in complete relaxation. This calmness truly can bring a sense of tranquility to us, even in our most tense moments.

But wait! It has been found that cats do not only purr when they are content, but when they are severely injured, frightened or giving birth. So, now it changes the meaning of the purr. The purr is a mechanism for survival. However, I truly believe that when my cat is sleeping on my lap, purring, without a care in the world, she is most definitely happy! But, it is interesting to learn that other cats do purr during these not so happy moments in their lives.

Did you know that a kitten can purr in his second day of life? He is not able to meow and nurse, but he can most certainly purr and nurse. You would think that the kitten is content because he is being nursed; however, he could be frightened coming into this strange new world! And, often you will find the mother cat purring back, to reassure the kitten.

Over the years, since the Egyptians started worshipping the cat, scientists, philosophers and cat owners alike have wondered, just where does that purr come from? There have been many theories and ideas that have been determined from studying cats. One particular study found that purring involves an activation of the nerves inside the voice box. These nerves will cause the vocal cords to vibrate as the diaphragm pushes air in and out of the vibrating cords. This is where the purring sound comes in.

I do have to say that when my cat is frightened, she does not purr. She literally growls! She gets very annoyed with my dogs. Cats have their own personality. They are so much fun to watch, especially when they are playing. But, when my cat jumps up into my lap and starts purring, it literally gives me a sense of serenity. I will take any opportunity I can get for a sense of peace in my hectic world!

Cats can do many things, and many things will make them content. Have you ever tried to put clothing on a cat? There are times that the cat absolutely does not go for clothing. And, he will let you know that he does not like it. Generally, by growling! But, there are many cats that do enjoy cat clothing, especially pajamas! And, I believe that you will know how much they enjoy their pajamas and cat bed by their purr! I cannot believe that a cat will sit there and purr, if he is absolutely uncomfortable with his pajamas; however, it is recommended that you start your cat off as early as possible, because they will learn that clothing is just a way of life, if it is started when they are kittens.

There are so many adorable outfits for cats! From cute little white frilly dresses to the well know “little black dress” to the Harley Davidson Leather Jacket, you have so many options available. It is a blast to dress them up, as long as they are happy. You can even organize your cat’s wardrobe by purchasing a wardrobe storage unit! A content cat is important. Be sure your cat is content with his wardrobe, a cat’s purr and its cat clothing must go paw – n- paw!

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