Friday, March 14, 2008

Purrfectly Amazing Cat Stories!

We have all heard of the amazing stories where dogs have been lost during vacation and have made it home years later from across the United States! Believe it or not, this is also true of some amazing cats. These courageous kitties have earned a cat bed fit for a queen or king, and forget about walking! They deserve to ride in a comfortable cat stroller for the rest of their lives! Not only that, they deserve the best kitty cocktail around!

I would like to share some of these purrfectly amazing stories with you.

Sugar traveled an amazing 2,004 kilometers from California to its home in Oklahoma.
Amazingly, Madonna, a seven year old tabby went missing within weeks of a move from Windsor, Ontario to Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. She returned home FOUR years later! Imagine the sites she saw on her kitty adventure!

Ninja decided he didn’t like his owner’s new home in the state of Washington, so he decided to go on a road trip. He traveled 850 miles to his owner’s old home in Utah.

It is not only US cats that are purrfectly amazing! It seems France and Germany may have some courageous kitties, too! This cat walked 1,000 kilometers from Nievre, France to the owner’s new home in Stuttgart, South West Germany! I do believe this cat deserves the cat bed of his dreams!

Lucy, a five year old Calico went missing in the Inuvik territory of Canada, by the Arctic Ocean. Lucy traveled over 6,600 kilometers to Toronto in the back of a transport truck! Here someone called the number on her tag, and she was flown back to the Arctic region! This cat has many tales to tell!

The following story is an even more amazing story!

This is one remarkable kitty! A family from Adelaide, Australia dropped their Persian cat, Howie, with their parents that lived over one thousand miles away from Adelaide. The family was away for months overseas, and were devastated to find out that Howie had ran away just two weeks into his stay. The family had to return home empty handed with their worst fears confirmed in their minds. Howie could not possibly take care of himself. He had never even seen a dog, nor hunted anything other than bugs!

The family was sickened by the idea of never being able to hold their kitty again. And, even worse was the fact that they did not know what happened to him.

A year later, a straggly looking, longhaired cat showed up at their door step. He had a wounded paw and was filthy and starved. The second the daughter saw the cat, she knew. This was their beautiful Persian cat, Howie. It literally was a miracle! Their cat had traveled through forded rivers, crossed two tracts of harsh desert and literally fought his way through the wilderness of the Australian outback. AMAZING!

Howie knew where his heart belonged, and there was nothing that would stop him from getting back to his loved ones. With a lot of love, a trip to the vet in his cat stroller and a bath, he soon started to look like his same pampered Persian self! He took his role as King of the House, and took his throne on his luxurious cat bed!

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