Friday, March 14, 2008

Playing With your Rambunctious Dog or Frisky Feline Makes for a Better Best Friend

Playing with your dog is essential to his growth and overall mannerism with people. Playing with your dog can actually help dogs keep their homes. There are many activities that provide better opportunities for your dog to learn good manners.

Believe it or not, your cat actually likes to play, too! Actually, your frisky feline loves a ball of yarn or any other kind of string or rubbery toy that he can flip around in the air or bat at! I actually have a friend whose cat will do summersaults in the air by trying to “fetch” a toy in mid air! It is unbelievable what some cats can actually do, and how acrobatic they can be! They are so much fun to watch. And, playing with them will sometimes bring them out of their “moods” long enough to actually get close to you. Of course, some cats do have attitude, but over time even those cats will attach to a member in the family.

Doing activities with your dog or cat will make living with them easier, and you will likely become more attached, than if you never played with them. The “fun activities” you can do with your pet have many benefits. It makes your pet healthier, and reduces boredom, which leads to bad behavior. A dog or cat that is in continual contact with his owner is less likely to have behavior problems. Of course, a cat does have its own sense of how he should behave, but physical contact will get your cat used to you being around.

There are so many different types of games for dogs and cats, it is amazing. Any game or physical contact will bring you and your pet closer.

Some sports or jobs you and your dog can participate in include: carting, coursing and racing, duck diving, dog scootering, fly ball, flying discs, herding, hunting, rollerblades
Imagine rollerblading with your dog? Two common activities are flying discs and fly ball. That is a blast! It is a very good idea to bring your pet stroller with you, as your dog WILL be worn out when that activity is done! Remember your dog will follow you where ever you go. Pay attention to his breathing, or if he is tired, he may need a break. You could put him in his pet stroller for shade and a quick nap!

Cat activities are a little different. They are predators by nature. They love to pounce on things and play hide and seek! Cats tend to like small spaces! However, they sure know how to put on a show! Just drag that piece of yarn across the room, in the air or on top of the table, and your cat is sure to follow! If you can get him used to a leash, you could take him on walks in the park, too! If you can’t get him used to a leash, you can still put him in a cat stroller, so he can see the world, too! They are curious and love to be outside, but some still like the security they feel in the pet stroller.

Have fun with your cat or dog. They are special and have their own personalities. However, you can help them along just with playing with them, and they can be the best friend you have ever had!

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