Friday, March 7, 2008

Pet Fashion – Dress your Pet in Style!

Pet fashion is in! You can make your “bundle of joy” even cuter than she already is, if you can believe that! It is so much fun to be able to make your dog or cat unique by being able to pick and choose from the thousands of pet fashion clothes and pet costumes available today.

Yes, it is fun to dress up your dog or cat in a pet Halloween costume; however, dressing your dog or cat isn’t just for Halloween or Christmas anymore. In fact, there are now designer pet clothes available from top clothing designers. You can even get leather pet clothing. Imagine your dog or cat in a Harley Davidson leather jacket. Now, that would be cool!

From pajamas to sweaters to life jackets, if your dog or cat can wear it, you can be sure it is available. Yes, I said pajamas. Help your dog get a good night’s sleep wearing that cozy pair of pajamas every night. This can get him settled down at bed time, and calm him down so he can get to sleep in his comfortable pet bed.

How about purchasing a pet bathrobe? This is the perfect replacement of that towel. As we all know, they jump out of the bathtub, only to shake the water all over the place. And, the towel just doesn’t do the trick. A good terry cloth bathrobe that has a front closure or top zipper or buttons for easier dressing is the way to go. Especially to help save you from getting a shower from your dog!

Do you go for outdoor adventures with your dog? This is the perfect time to pull out that dog stroller and venture out. Just be sure to bring your dog’s pet raincoat in case you run into wet weather. And how about packing the dog rain boots? Pretty unique!

Your dog has to go outside a few times a day, every day. He probably can’t stand being cold, as you wouldn’t be able to stand it. Slip on his parka or blanket coat, and help him stay warm while he is “doing his business”!

Dress your dog for success. There are fashion clothing companies that make pet fashion clothes. They will tend to be sold in sets containing a shirt, pants, hood and boots. Show off your baby girl with that cute pink dress or your baby boy with that tuxedo.

The pet life jackets and vests are truly an amazing product. They are not only adorable, but they will save your dog’s life, in the event he falls in and either can’t swim, or can swim and just gets tired All pet owners should consider owning one of these, especially if you are outdoors around any lakes or swimming pools.

Pet shirts are available in many styles and sizes. These shirts are what your dog would wear everyday. They are comfortable, and many come in t-shirt material. You have such a wide variety of selections, it is unbelievable. Picking out the pet shirts is so much fun!

No ensemble is complete without the bandanas or goggles! Don’t forget the accessories. Spice up their wardrobe with a bow or hairclip. How about sunglasses to help protect their eyes! There are even puppy diapers for those puppies that are potty training.

All I can say is to have fun with it. As long as your dog or cat is okay with getting dressed up, go ahead and dress her up in her pink dress and him in his tuxedo and take them out for a night on the town! And, don’t forget the pet stroller!

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