Friday, March 14, 2008

Take your Senior Dog for a Walk In the Park-Don’t Forget the Pet Stroller!

It is crucial for all dogs to have a regular exercise routine. This goes along with proper nutrition, grooming and vet visits. The best time to begin an exercise program is when they are puppies into their senior years.

As a dog ages, his tolerance and requirements for exercise will change. It is important to contact your vet if you plan to change an existing program or want to begin a new program for your elderly dog. A complete physical exam will need to be completed, as well as discussing what kinds of exercises are okay for your dog to do.

Benefits of exercise for your senior dog
Because your dog can only handle so much exercise, you should consider purchasing a pet stroller to allow him to ride to the park, so that he can get out and enjoy the grass at the park! Always bring your dog stroller along, even if you drive to the park, as your dog may very well get too tired during his walk, and may likely need a break.
Exercise helps maintain a healthy body weight. A dog that is overweight may suffer from a number of health problems. It causes extra stress on your pet’s heart and when the heart is not functioning correctly, than other organs could suffer, which includes the brain, lungs, liver and kidneys.

Osteoarthritis is a degeneration of the joints. It causes a lot of pain and discomfort. A dog that has an excess in weight may speed up the disease. Moderate exercise can slow down the process of this joint disease. So, after you have gone on your walk with his pet stroller, he will be definitely ready for a nap in his dog bed! It is important to purchase a dog bed that is thick and comfortable to help relieve some pain from those sore joints.

Exercise also has been known to help with your dog’s mental health. It keeps oxygen and other nutrients at optimum levels in the brain.

Be patient and be careful.

It is important not to take your dog into hot or humid weather. Heat stroke is an issue and other heat related health problems can arise. Remember to take the pet stroller along with you on walks. This is important, as your elderly dog can only handle so much exercise. He may get tired quicker than you expect. You don’t want to be stuck carrying your 80 pound dog across the park! Be sure to keep your eye out to see if he is getting tired. Your dog is loyal and will keep following you past his limits.

Have fun.
Exercising can be fun. You could take a Frisbee or ball with you. Just be sure to keep his exercise in moderation. With a little bit of moderate exercise, your pet could live a long a happy life! Your dog is your best friend. He deserves to have a little fun, while also being able to live a long healthy life with you.

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