Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe from the Dangerously Hot Temperatures

Summer is here and it is important to remember how hot it gets for your pets. Sometimes we tend to overlook things without thinking about the temperatures outside.

Here are some summer tips to help your pets have a safe and happy summer!

For those of you who like to take your animals for a ride in the car, it is important to never leave them in a parked car. Studies have been conducted that show temperatures inside a parked car can reach more than 160 degrees in five minutes. Never leave your pet in the car for even one minute. You may think that leaving the window cracked in the shade will protect your loyal companion, but this is not the case. Doing this will not keep the rising temperatures from inside that car.

Remember your dog’s paws can be susceptible to blisters and burns from hot pavement and sand. To help prevent burns and blisters, schedule your walks for the morning or evening. Sidewalks are cooler. You can even purchase boots designed just for dogs.

Water is imperative to a dog or cat in the summer months. Always provide your pet with fresh, clean water on a daily basis. In the really hot temperatures, you may need to fill up their water bowl more than once a day. Dehydration and heatstroke can be fatal to your loved one. Don’t forget this important step.

If you are traveling, you need to bring along a drinking container and water. Don’t forget to pack a cooler.

The best place for your dog to cool down in the hot summer heat is in the shade on a grassy area in the yard. The reason this is the best place is because grass releases moisture and keeps you dog cooler than concrete, dirt or gravel. You can even purchase a raised bed that will increase the flow of cooler air underneath the bed mat.

Be sure to have your dog groomed regularly to help protect him from the sun. Dogs can actually get a sunburn, as well as skin cancer. You can actually apply sunscreen where the hair is thin and where skin lacks pigment, such as the nose, ears and sensitive areas. Do this every single day your dog is outside.

Consider a cooling bandana for your dog. The bandana actually absorbs water to keep your dog cool for hours.

Purchase some sun glasses! Your dog’s eyes are just as susceptible to damage from wind and debris or UV light as you are. There are some really neat products available made specifically for dogs.

Life jackets are a necessity for your dog. Do not take for granted that your dog is a good swimmer. When you take trips to the lake or rides on the boat, be sure your dog is wearing a life jacket. He could fall in and get tired very easily. This would be devastating.

Your dog is a loyal companion that needs your protection through these hot summer months. Don’t take for granted that just because it is a dog that the heat does not affect them. Dangerous heat can affect any dog. Even the ones that are used to hot and cold weather need to be protected.

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