Friday, May 2, 2008

Pet’s How to Column for May

How to Give Your Dog a Bath without the Drench

Your dog can really get into the craziest things. They tend to bring home the dirt, or whatever they can get their paws on. Therefore, you need to be prepared to give your dog a bath. Of course, anyone can give a dog a bath, but there are some ways to give your dog a bath that will leave your bathroom not such a huge mess! Believe it or not, there is a way to give your dog a bath without getting completely drenched and soaking the entire bathroom!

Make sure you have all the supplies you need before you get started. This will help reduce the water mess! You will need the following supplies.

· Beach towels that is large enough for the larger dogs.
· Some type of dog soap. Preferably some type of natural dog soap.
· A detachable showerhead
· A rubber mat
· Hair dryer
· Portable Dog Bath, which is optional.

Step One- Brush your dog’s hair to remove tangles, mats or loose hair. If you are using a bathtub, prevent drain clogging by using a removable hair strainer.

Step Two- Put the bathmat or a towel in the tub. This will help your dog feel more secure, so he doesn’t slide around. Sliding scares them and will cause them to try and jump out. What a mess!
Step Three-A detachable showerhead is way more convenient than the faucet. Dogs tend to be afraid of the water running from a faucet.

Step Four-Use shampoo specifically for the dog. Human shampoo does not have the right pH balance for a dog. Use oatmeal based or medicated pet soap to soothe their skin.

Step Five-Protect your dog’s ears to prevent water from getting in by moistening cotton balls and then putting them in the ear. Don’t forget to take them out when the bath is over!

Step Six-Make sure you rinse the shampoo. Residue can cause itching, which can lead to skin infections.

Step Seven-Minimize their stress. Although bathing is a normal activity for humans, dogs are usually very uncomfortable and sometimes even scared to death of the bathtub. Try to get in and out of the tub as soon as possible.

Step Eight-When the bath is done, close the shower curtains and let your dog shake. Then put the big towels around her to dry her off. You can dry them with a hair dryer, but keep it away from their face and eyes.

Dogs tend to get into to things and have other issues through out their life, such as allergies, skin infections or “bugs”. Remember to completely rinse the soap, so that you can avoid health issues later. You should start bathing your dog when it is a puppy to get him used to baths. You can add fatty acid supplements to your pet’s diet to help him maintain a healthy hair coat and skin. Daily brushing, regular baths and supplements will help to ensure a healthy coat, which in turn will lead to a healthier dog.

Your dog will likely be ready for a nap, make sure you have cleaned his dog bed before he gets in!

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