Friday, May 9, 2008

Pet Tips for May

Tips For Choosing A Healthy Dog Food

Your dog’s nutrition is critical for leading a long, healthy and happy life. There are so many different types of dog foods available to you that it is sometimes difficult to determine which one is the right one for your dog. Just because a dog food is expensive, does not always mean it is the best food for your dog.

IMPORTANT – One thing that is critical to the health of your dog is to know what NEVER to feed him. Some foods that humans can eat can be hazardous or even fatal to dogs. Some of these foods you need to avoid are: alcohol, baby food that contains onion powder, bones from fish, cat food (too high in protein), chocolate, coffee or tea, grapes or raisons, citrus oil extracts, onions, garlic, table scraps, mushrooms and more. Some of these are toxic and could cause death, whereas some will cause less severe health issues, such as diarrhea and vomiting.

There are quite a few more human foods that dogs should not eat. Research any food you plan to hand over to your dog. Trying to satisfy your dog’s desires, could be a devastating result. In fact, chocolate is lethal for your dog, especially dark chocolate. The ingredients in chocolate are digested and excreted by a human in as little as three hours, but the same amount of chocolate in a dog can take up to 18 hours to leave a dog’s body. Here are some of the symptoms of dog chocolate poisoning: vomiting, excessive urination, hyper, diarrhea, seizure, coma or death.
Read the labels of their dog food. Dogs’ diets should be rich in meat protein.

If you choose to have canned dog food, look for chicken, turkey meat or pork because they will help keep your dog’s coat smooth and healthy. Give the foods that have a high vegetable protein level because these foods are more easily digested and give the dogs energy. They should also receive an adequate amount of carbohydrates, such as rice, corn, oatmeal and wheat.
Don’t give your dog a bone! Once bones are gnawed to where they are soft enough to eat, they will feel like splinters inside a dog’s throat and this could cause them to choke.

A natural dog food diet is a great way to increase your dog’s overall health. People who have tried the natural dog food diet have been very happy with the outcome. They report that their dogs have shinier coats, their eyes are brighter, they have more energy and their breath is better. The idea of a natural dog food diet is to feed your dog “quality” human food, not just your leftovers. If you do not take care in what type of human food you feed your dog, than instead of making him healthier, you could be leading him down the path of degenerative diseases or diabetes. Many people are beginning to give their dogs more natural dog food diets.

Some people are making the meals right in their kitchen. However, the dog food industry has recognized that owners want to give their “babies” a variety of healthier foods, so you can find more natural dog food manufacturers on the internet. If you do choose to make your own food, be prepared to spend a little time in the kitchen. Prepare the food ahead of time, so that you are not tempted to give in to their desires of your leftovers. This can happen if you are simply too tired to get up and make your dog’s meal after spending all that time making your own meal!
There are many different dog foods available. Be sure you are choosing a dog food that is high in meat protein. Before you prepare any meals for your dog from quality human food, check to be sure that the food is not toxic to your pet.

After feeding your dog his meal, take him on a walk. This will help to ensure a healthy lifestyle for you and your dog. Bring along the pet stroller so that he can have a relaxing ride back from the park after all of the playing. He will likely be ready for a nice long nap in his dog bed after his big meal and playtime!

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spotts said...

Great article on pet feeding. It is so important to let pet owners know that some things just are not good for their beloved pets. Most commercial pet foods are NOT healthy enough to keep a dog/cat living a long healthy live. I am a field rep for Life's Abundance and Flint River Ranch, these are the only two foods I feed my standard poodles.