Friday, July 11, 2008

Tips for Introducing Cats and Dogs - July

When I brought our new puppy home, I was afraid that the cat would turn into a very mean cat. She was already “evil” according to our kids, but she was just a loner. She was actually starting to come around where you could actually pet her. She basically tolerates us to make us happy so that we will continue feeding her! So, she allows us to pet her for about three strokes and then she dashes.

So, bringing in a new puppy into the mix was going to be interesting. I was concerned that she would just become mean. The strangest thing happened. She actually became even more tolerant of us. She has turned into a pretty sweet kitty.

She bats and growls at my puppy, but luckily she does not have those front claws! However, it seems as though she actually tries to get the puppy to chase after her. It is pretty amazing the change I have seen in our cat. Now, the puppy will sit there and take the batting at her face because she thinks it is all in play. Little does she know!

Here are some tips to help you introduce your new dog or cat to your pets.

Be prepared to look for the perfect addition to your family. You will need to be sure you are aware of the needs of the dog or cat, as they are different.

Make sure you are able to provide time and resources for both pets.

Prepare your home before bringing in a new pet. Be sure to clearly mark their territory for their pet beds, food, and litter areas. Try to make it so that neither pet can intrude on the other pets resting area.

It is important to clip both animals’ claws before their first meeting.

Each pet should be allowed to smell the other pets blanket to begin the introduction. This helps to avoid surprise.

Give each pet extra attention and praise and be sure to spend quality time individually with each pet. Consider taking them both out for a walk individually. Grab the pet stroller and the pet coat and venture out with your new kitty or puppy.

Monitor them closely for the first thirty days for any aggression. Do not leave them alone until you are positive there is a bonding. If you have to leave, you will need to separate them by putting them in different rooms.

Refrain from punishing either one if they do not get along on their first meeting. This will cause negative feelings. They will resent the other pet because they were punished.

Love, love and love some more-give each pet an abundance of love and praise, especially in the beginning.

Hopefully with time your pets will learn to get along or will love each other at first sight. Usually, it takes a little bit of time for them to come around. Good luck on your new venture and your new little addition.

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